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YPFF’s December Bulletin

School Spotlight:This month we congratulate North Brookfield High School, led by Guidance Counselor David Hackenson, with taking steps in scheduling a YPFF registration and utilization drive for December 6th. YPFF Program Manager Jennifer Bento-Pinyoun will be on site throughout the

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MIRA is Hiring! Communications Director Opening

MIRA is looking for a new Communications Director to advance our messaging, media outreach and strategic communications on behalf of immigrants and refugees in Massachusetts! See the position description and application instructions below or click here for an online posting

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¿Te están funcionando los horarios de las guaguas/autobuses? ¡Déjanos saber este jueves, 8 de diciembre!

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ABCD Employment Opportunities

Please find ABCD’s most recent employment bulletin.  We would appreciate it if you would distribute to interested colleagues, coworkers, and students.  Please visit http://abcdaccess.net/ for a complete list of employment opportunities at ABCD.

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ABCD Community Heroes Videos

 ABCD Community Heroes: Hall of Famer Jim Brett  ABCD Community Heroes Celebration: Special Awardee Harold Mezoff  ABCD Community Heroes: Special Awardee Rev Liz Walker  Harry Belafonte at ABCD Community Heroes Celebration

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Save the Date – El Batey Award for Contributions to the Community by Bodegas

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World Aids Day

It’s only been 35 years since doctors and researchers first recognized the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. But many advancements in education, treatment, and prevention since then have helped to destigmatize HIV and AIDS as people affected by them live

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Information Session -Get Your EEC Degree at Endicott College

For More Information, Call Mary Jane Roberts at: 978-778-5301

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Business and Technology Workshops at the Noston Public Library Kirstein Center

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Resume, Technology, Professional and Craft Workshops at the Boston Public Library

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