YPFF’s December Bulletin

School Spotlight:
This month we congratulate North Brookfield High School, led by Guidance Counselor David Hackenson, with taking steps in scheduling a YPFF registration and utilization drive for December 6th. YPFF Program Manager Jennifer Bento-Pinyoun will be on site throughout the day working with students in grades 9, 10, and 11 as they build their profile, connect inventory results to careers, search for colleges, and build a college list. Keep up the great work North Brookfield!

Tips of the Month:
Scholarships are FREE money: gifts! Encourage your students to start looking and applying for as many scholarships as they possibly can using YourPlanForTheFuture.org.
 Have students log in to their YPFF account and go to Paying for College>Search for Scholarships. Here, students can search for scholarships that may be a fit for them by selecting specific criteria and then start building a list. Once a scholarship is added to the list, students will receive an alert when a deadline is approaching.
A perfect activity for the holiday break!

Classroom Corner:
Provide Your Students with YPFF Guidance
 Need a lesson plan that helps connect students to scholarships? Print out this Activity Worksheet that outlines steps to help students connect to their own cultural and family backgrounds and discover that there are countless scholarships available that match their distinctive lives and experiences.

In the News:
Read MEFA’s blogs to get more information about varying topics related to scholarships.

Register for our Searching for Scholarships & Building a Scholarship List live mini webinar to get an in-depth overview of how to conduct a scholarship search, save searches, build a scholarship list, and receive upcoming deadlines.  Click on each date below to register.

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